Members & Contact

Dr. Carlos Zednik

Carlos Zednik (Magdeburg) works on philosophical and methodological issues in cognitive science and artificial intelligence. His primary focus is on (scientific) explanation, especially questions that arise from the use of computational and mathematical models to discover and describe cognitive mechanisms. In the context of the GeSiMEx Project, he intends to explore the role of generalizability in mechanistic explanation, and in particular, the use of computational models to explore.


Hannes Boelsen

Hannes Boelsen is a Ph.D. student and a research assistant at the Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg. His research centers on scientific models in cognitive science and neuroscience. He is particularly interested in deep neural networks (DNNs) and their various uses in the mind and brain sciences (e.g. for description, explanation, exploration, and prediction purposes). Currently, he is working on the question of whether (and if so, under what conditions) DNNs can be good scientific models.


Jonas Grunau

Jonas Grunau studies Philsophy, Politics, Economics (B.A.) at Witten/Herdecke University. He works for the Professorship of Theoretical Philosophy and Philosophy of the Social Sciences. Until recently, he held statistics tutoring sessions. In the GeSiMEx project, Jonas Grunau will analyze model selection in statistics to see which lessons can be drawn for mulit-level mechanistic explanations.