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Paper Presentation at the Upcoming PSA Meeting

GeSiMEx project members Carlos Zednik and Hannes Boelsen will be presenting a paper on "The Exploratory Role of Explainable Artificial Intelligence" at the upcoming meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association!

The paper suggests three possible…

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Should Deep Neural Networks Be Evaluated as Scientific Models?

In recent years, deep learning (DL) has become one of the most promising approaches to artificial intelligence. This class of brain-inspired machine learning architectures and techniques allows computational models that are composed of multiple…

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A Criterion for Mechanistic Simplicity

In one of our recent papers, we have analyzed the applicability of the Akaike (AIC) and Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC) to multi-level mechanistic explanations. While the AIC and BIC are useful tools to weigh other models’ simplicity against…

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Cognition as a Natural Kind

This semester, several BA (Philosophy-Neuroscience-Cognition) and
MSc (Integrative Neuroscience) students at the University of Magdeburg will attend Carlos Zednik's seminar on "Cognition as a Natural Kind". This seminar course will explore the…

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Internal GeSiMEx workshop with Jan Engelmann (Amsterdam) and Sebastian Gluth (Basel)

The GeSiMEx team will hold an internal workshop with Sebastian Gluth (Decision Neuroscience, Basel) and Jan Engelmann (Neuroeconomics, Amsterdam) on 14 November at Flandrischer Hof in the city of Cologne. After lunch, we will discuss some of the…

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